Monday, July 21, 2008

Ipohs Trip `

basically me 2jie n joel went back
to ipoh, Shantze's house
at dunno wat valley la ...
those place where HUGEHUGE house
is being build there

conclusion is once u reach that valley
your expression is

O.O ' !!!

we went there to help out for his
sister's bday party

wokay, Pictures will do the talking `

okay! this is shantze's house ! O.O woah rite??

preparing to roast PIGLET !!

poor lil piggielet `T____T but wattodo
its suay enuf to met up the chefs like us

chikchak` with piglet
shantze n 2jie

uncle Goh and liltle Goh at the backyard
roasting de piggielet T____T

Later that exausted nite ,

OMG !!!! Just Dessert
honeydey sago - 2jie's
fruittietuttie - joel's
seacoconut - shantze's
ai yu bing' - mine

The next day ` in da morning

yummielicious .. if u wanna noe the texture
u shud taste it urself at ipoh` =)


Famious Wanten Noodz

2jie =)

oopss .. sorry forgotten to snapz b4 we eat it

Well, due to dat particular disease week
all of us was pawned by my flu bacteriaz

this is wat happen


>.< !!!

heehee .. sorry ya pal


slurrppielicious ..

but mummie goh say nt nice de =.=''

Reach home after that
i remembered that shantze was
a michealian bandies
so .. this is wat happen
when jac` gone wild



Ultramen ~!!!!!


hallow ` dun simply look hor ...
all the bandies noe that they will have a
big PACKAGE when they wearing bibblers `
only for guys i mean ` T___T

we had a great weekend at HUGE HOUSE



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