Thursday, August 21, 2008

am shifting soon ~~ stupid blog

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ipohs Trip `

basically me 2jie n joel went back
to ipoh, Shantze's house
at dunno wat valley la ...
those place where HUGEHUGE house
is being build there

conclusion is once u reach that valley
your expression is

O.O ' !!!

we went there to help out for his
sister's bday party

wokay, Pictures will do the talking `

okay! this is shantze's house ! O.O woah rite??

preparing to roast PIGLET !!

poor lil piggielet `T____T but wattodo
its suay enuf to met up the chefs like us

chikchak` with piglet
shantze n 2jie

uncle Goh and liltle Goh at the backyard
roasting de piggielet T____T

Later that exausted nite ,

OMG !!!! Just Dessert
honeydey sago - 2jie's
fruittietuttie - joel's
seacoconut - shantze's
ai yu bing' - mine

The next day ` in da morning

yummielicious .. if u wanna noe the texture
u shud taste it urself at ipoh` =)


Famious Wanten Noodz

2jie =)

oopss .. sorry forgotten to snapz b4 we eat it

Well, due to dat particular disease week
all of us was pawned by my flu bacteriaz

this is wat happen


>.< !!!

heehee .. sorry ya pal


slurrppielicious ..

but mummie goh say nt nice de =.=''

Reach home after that
i remembered that shantze was
a michealian bandies
so .. this is wat happen
when jac` gone wild



Ultramen ~!!!!!


hallow ` dun simply look hor ...
all the bandies noe that they will have a
big PACKAGE when they wearing bibblers `
only for guys i mean ` T___T

we had a great weekend at HUGE HOUSE


Friday, July 18, 2008

...continued from the post of

a lilttle of this and that
where was i? yeah .. bout lin` hmm dunwanna talk bout it d ba
in my point of view ... frens is jus come and go`
so, my advise is.. nt to over-treat those so call " frens " in ur life.
i realise something now in college.. i prefer to search for new one
than those old ones .. BUT` still there is loads of alien-type
anytime anywhere they will jus turn back and STAB u `...

hmmm, i still appreciete with wat i have rite nw ..
the frens am havin rite nw .. i really felt happy to see them ..
they really brighten up my day `

so daphy` this is wat i can write here .. i dun wanna waste time
blogging on those stuff which makes me sick ... jarneh guys `
shall blog later ...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

i miss everyone `

Now, i found that the world is round

Saturday, July 12, 2008

am down !
am sick !
lame jac` u r ...
u shud be grateful when
ur housemate still care for you
even ur lecturer is there to
support u ` ask u to stand up strong



witout u in life is like loosing apart `
i felt great that i manage to let u go
all da time prayin u r always happie
and safe from wateva harmz`
thx for the concern while am sick
if u reallie did ` hope u enjoy ur day
take care `


i do miss both my mum and dad
but fate has bring us to this stage
it was all karmas`
the only thing i can do is to pray
is to stand up with my own feet
no matter hw poor am i rite nw
i still will survive !
I must survive witout askin more from them`
i dun wanna burden dem anymore `

am officially pawned by bacteria `
am sick` i hate it `
sick is like making me to fall even faster
i dun wanna let others to look down on me

frens? yeah nw u will see who is fren`
others out there are jus themself
this world is full off SINS `
i dun wanna talk about it .. there are
no loyal FRENS !

a song will describe all my feeling nw `

Tonite i wanna cry
[by keith urban]
Alone in this house again tonight
I got the TV on, the sound turned down and a bottle of wine
There's pictures of you and I on the walls around me
The way that it was and could have been surrounds me
I'll never get over you walkin' away

I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show
And I thought that bein' strong
meant never losin' your self-control
But I'm just drunk enough to let go of my pain
To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain
From my eyes
Tonight I wanna cry

Would it help if I turned a sad song on
"All By Myself"
would sure hit me hard now that you're gone
Or maybe unfold some old yellow lost love letters
It's gonna hurt bad before it gets better
But I'll never get over you by hidin' this way

take care guys n readers `

Friday, July 11, 2008

basically just started my first week for term3
no studdie actuallie .. jus brief about things to do along the term
hmm .. quite a enjoy` term to say ..
coz .. nt much class and subject to go ..
well, am learning OENOLOGY this term
is a study of wine .. which we nid to create our own wine !!!
so call the hardest subject along my diploma !
pls ~ PASS !!! all my oenology subject `

well today is 12th of July 2008..
and it means ....
my bestie's 18th bday ~!!!

lets start off wif a bday song`

happie burfday to eu
happie burfday to U
happie burfday to veronica ~
happie burfday to YOU !!!

* poooopiittt * applause * yeehaaA *
* peeettt * mwaxx * wishes *
wooo wooo ~ big gurls dont cry !!!

hahhahahahah ` all da best ya vern `

big gurl liao .. can club liao !
dunno when oni can go club with you
lol .. hopefooliee la hor ~!

buhbye guys ` shall blog nex time mwaxx

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a liltle of this and that `

i realise somthing after a short mood swing
basically, i just wake up from nap which
is like a " not tired " nap..
erjie(2j/singcheer) smsed me, asking
wat is good about her ? wats her bad side`
with those reallie makes me felt awkward ...

i was thinking, do i reallie have a good fren ?
sange(3g/dapne) told me, theres not loyal best fren
along ur life, frens is jus like wind .. they come n go!
which partly i doesnt agree with her,
but.. now i realise shes rite ..

yesterday nite,
i bump up huoyshan - shes my lil muimui during secondary sku
i miss her real much, i bump into her at msn last nite ...
we had a real fun time chatting on the phone until 12am
she told me loads of stuff ( well gossiping la hor )
she too` told me that in her life doenst have the
word " LOYAL FREN " because i ask her out for drinks
since we hve been so long haven meet each other
shes been usin excuses to escape from my invitation
because she felt `eerie in a sudden with so many
old secondary frens came along ...
but she still say yet to be comfirm `...

I felt pity for her, because is not her fault to become lidis`
is becoz she cant afford to mix with them durin da past
which basically causes her to skip the whole form5
she surrendered herself and went for work ..
she told us that she cant manage to study anymore
but da real facts is she doesnt have a fren as a companian`


back to my very own emo session `
i dunno why in a sudden my mood went depressing
my mind flashes back all the past ,
with all my frens .. is sad to say that there were once
my best fren [ so call la hor ]
am sorry if my words reallie hurts u guys my bestie
but i realise that everyone had changed
everyone of us hav our very one life d
is a fact that all my bestie had gone to dier very own world

lets take some examples,
well jus nw i was chatting with vern
i met vern when i was 9 i think
we were from the same primary sku until the us graduated`
we hv been at least a 10yrs frenship ..
bt to tell u guys more .. within this 10 yrs
there is tonnes of conflict , havoc , hapiness , laughter happened
i noe her personality much ...
shes da type that she can be frenly all da time
bt never ever step her tail .. coz u r so gonna say byebye `
lol.. vern joking ni orh .. ` bt shes great ` she is da one
which still miss our frenship dat much after our graduation`
she rawx when shes shouting ` well shes a well known
loudspeaker to us ` =) vern u RAWX .. hahaha

come to my second example,
wanna talk about my growing up together fren, Sun
shes too one of my 10yrs fren since primary till secondary
well, we hv been in the same class durin f4 and f5
loads of conflict happening durin that particular period
but wats da point of creating a big gab between us rite?
the past is always "A PAST " .. we r still frens foreva
evelitime am back for term break , always say wnna
meet up, but is like always fail to do so .. lol
she told my frens that she miss me much ..
i do miss her .. perhaps there will be a day we will meet up
i believe GOD do had arrange the day for us =) smile sun`

talking bout the period after spm,
hmm .. i bet u guys wud noe who am i getting with durin dat time
well .. during the month of december last year
of coz .. am bz with my prom de'prestigious stuff..
day and nite .. am with my comitee (lin and ru)
hmm i wanna talk about my bestie "lin"
lin is where i met her when i was 15 ..
if am nt mistaken i met her after our PMR examination
well , a lame thing is we were once a so call couple la ha `
lol.. dun laff leh .. puppie love mar ..
well .. within dat month of 12th , we reallie hv been
together [nt couple k] frens outing i mean
we go here and there with my lame car, WIRA
i still remmeber the moment where i told her
am leaving penang for my future ..
during dat momenta our relation getting closer and closer
with her silly-ness .. eventuallie she got drunk for me
lol.. as she told me she doesnt wan me to leave pg ...
she said that all her frens gonna leave one by one soon
there was a nite when she got real DRUNK after a couple of drink
at COZEE ` in juru .. she is real real real drunk ..
she get so high untill she doesnt allow anyone to fetch her back
except me .. saying that shes drunk is a nono also ..
coz that time shianru was there too . i was like asking ru for help
becoz i cant able to drive wif her condition lidat ...
the moment she got up into my car, she cried !
i was like so shock ` .. i dunno wat to do but to ask her stop cryin
i kept questioning her why shes crying all about ...
its getting worst until she grab my arm and cry on my shoulder ..
WOW .. lol so dramatic eh .. ahhaha jkjkj .. but its a shock for me
loads of things happened dat nite ` after a months or two ..
she met her life companion .. which is basically her bf `
well, in time changes .. our relation too changes `
this is the point where am having QUESTION MARKS
all over my head whether wat had happened between our relation ..

to be continue ....