Sunday, June 29, 2008

well, these is wat i did during my first week of
term break, sorry if ive been ignore my dear frens
over here at penang .. coz im jus being a tourguide
for my colleges besties`~
had loads of funs withem ..

they reallie reallie reallie
eat till PUKE`

picture talks`

First day
they reached butterworth from ipoh
nite time brought them
[ ethan , debra and shirnie ]
ethan - from my DC group
deb & shirnie - from DT group
L2R- singcheer shirnie ethan debra n me
peace ` after tao .. bloating !

after tao, brought them to butterworth beach
for some nite sightseeing towards penang scene

yeah` nie , deb , sc & ethan

Second Day
early in da morning brader brought them
for cheok sua hokkien mee`
i dun like that stall's noodz
its sweet prawn nood`

after that .. send brader to airport
and brought them to gurney plaze


afterdat... ethan went for arcade for a moment
while debra, as usual saw her Hello Kitty stuff by
the vending machine beside arcade


deb with her Hello Kitty
ethan with my OncePiece toys
shirnie with her anime freaks cartoon toys

chak` chak`

brought them to macalister road
for icekacang at New World Park

pls excuz ethan coz he jus wake up
from the journey
dey complained dat i like to ask them for
posing under the hotsun ` hmpf~

before icekacang,
brought them to see 3Floor Aquarium shop
i like that shop too ..
it was my 1st time .. am even excited than them

ya ampun rambut debra `

the huge KOI` fish realy scares me off
chak chak`
heehee ` fatal 3 way
ethan oh ethan ` that was my pose
once again, a pose under the hot sun

on da way to NWP
candid snaps

as usual la ` ..
ethan with his THAM JIAKNESS pose
shirnie with her hiaopo -ness pose
great pose from shirnie`
heyk` fruttytutty icekacang` rm3 each

after our dessert
we straight head to batu ferringhi
for some sun bathing + sun showering
at park royale beach`

start off with some stretching by
shirnie, nice background, i like it

followed by ethans sexy pose`
once again .. shirnie with her 7UP pose
not forgetting about debra's modeling pose
heeehee `the siaokianess braders`
no comment`
the braders`
ya ampun` o.O`
deb deb and kit kit
guess wat am i looking at `
it really scares me off
thats y am not lookin at the camera

haiyak` shirnie me n ethan `
i like this pict ` thanks to debra`
on your mark, get set, .....
debra me n ethan - exsausted `

here's some acting by
shirnie and ethan


First take,
1st scene
2nd scene
3rd scene
4th scene

Second take `

1st scene
2nd scene
3rd scene
4th scene
say goodbye to shirnie` LOL

smoking pose + aerobic pose by shirnie
sampatness by shirnie and debra
i love this picture to .. Penang and Shirnie
here we ends `

later on,
brought them for some chip` western
foodies .. at FACES
went home and sleeps like nobodies business

Third Day
brought them for white soup wantan noods
at bm's market

the dunno wat road behind the market
the three siao kia`
look at ethan `

after that decided to head for
st.anne church visit`
nie n deb
ethan with his curios pose

afterthat, head to queensbay mall
had chopper board for lunch
with singcheer joining us

continue then ,
went to fetch a surprize guest
from kayL
he is our beloved moral studies lecturer
mr.Adrian .. applause =.=
brought them to lorong selamat for
" fried oyster + sisters fried kuayteow "
den, headed to ghee heang n him heang for
'tau sa peah' so call dragon balls biscuit

nite time - brought them including mr.A
to bt.ferringhi once again for some stroll shopping
hunting for cheap DVDs
sadly, mr.A was hunting for the movie LOVE
but mission failed ` solie sir `lol

had loads of funz dat nite `
thx for joining sir `

randoms pict

thursday nite at pasar malam `
some dessert for them dat nite
at iceice baby`

Last day
havin breakfast once again at bm market
enjoying chicken feets hokkien noods
poor debra havin fever at the last day

around 10.30am sent them to
bus station n ready to depart
last pict of da day ` buhbye guys `

" hope u guys enjoy during this vacation "


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