Friday, July 11, 2008

basically just started my first week for term3
no studdie actuallie .. jus brief about things to do along the term
hmm .. quite a enjoy` term to say ..
coz .. nt much class and subject to go ..
well, am learning OENOLOGY this term
is a study of wine .. which we nid to create our own wine !!!
so call the hardest subject along my diploma !
pls ~ PASS !!! all my oenology subject `

well today is 12th of July 2008..
and it means ....
my bestie's 18th bday ~!!!

lets start off wif a bday song`

happie burfday to eu
happie burfday to U
happie burfday to veronica ~
happie burfday to YOU !!!

* poooopiittt * applause * yeehaaA *
* peeettt * mwaxx * wishes *
wooo wooo ~ big gurls dont cry !!!

hahhahahahah ` all da best ya vern `

big gurl liao .. can club liao !
dunno when oni can go club with you
lol .. hopefooliee la hor ~!

buhbye guys ` shall blog nex time mwaxx


Blogger butterfLieSspassionzZ said...

hey jac.. thanks for the wish o =) heeee

July 12, 2008 at 10:37 PM  

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