Friday, July 18, 2008

...continued from the post of

a lilttle of this and that
where was i? yeah .. bout lin` hmm dunwanna talk bout it d ba
in my point of view ... frens is jus come and go`
so, my advise is.. nt to over-treat those so call " frens " in ur life.
i realise something now in college.. i prefer to search for new one
than those old ones .. BUT` still there is loads of alien-type
anytime anywhere they will jus turn back and STAB u `...

hmmm, i still appreciete with wat i have rite nw ..
the frens am havin rite nw .. i really felt happy to see them ..
they really brighten up my day `

so daphy` this is wat i can write here .. i dun wanna waste time
blogging on those stuff which makes me sick ... jarneh guys `
shall blog later ...


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