Saturday, May 10, 2008


get to meet up again
is like since a month n half
we did nt meet up till just now
saturday nite [1am-3am]
since 2J came back kayL from penang
jus to settle up ptptn stuff
her time is kinda pack coz
shes gonna go back sunday morning d
so 3G n I decided to meet up with 2J
at least a talk at mamak stall.
actuallie we have plan .. but end up
is not working.. its okay
we understand ..
xJ - 2J - 3G
wher is DaJ? yeah, he hav party to attend
so he din turn up .. its fine ..
so, 2J continue jiayou orh
veli fass we gonna meet up again de .. no worries

I <3 de'SLtd


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