Friday, March 21, 2008

dear reader `
currently very layzee to update my blogie
pls fohgiv moi'
had loads of pictures to share with
have loads of funs

* happie *
* sad *
* laughter *
* tearsz *

conclusion = all in one
[march will jus flip by]

yehh` exam over ... and it means
END OF TERM 1 .. wah lao
see guys .. i told ya, time do flips like reading mag!
see .. so fas ade 3 months ...
see la .. see la ..

this week kinda x cukup tido
coz of exams .. well u noe la
am under a so call FRENCH LINE
so hor .. da way of takin exam also frenchie`
ya allah betui ` kalo nk tahu.. ask me !

OHhh Maaf .. dok KETAM-ing

well, am ovaspending dis month
just on?
1 - ZARA white plain long tee
2 - PULL and BEAR grey n pink stripes long tee
3 - Topman V-neck tee

total lost - 200++
[for an hour or 2 of shopping spree at pavillion]

- next target -
* ZARA's white hood (rm159)
* ZARA's white skinned leather shoe (rm300+)
* dreaming for --> burberry outfits
* another dream --> AX outfits

wehhh! so NO NO ..
i wan ah burbur or mayb Guess??
i wannn !!! nex month buy =)
tee hee ` coz dis month got extra income
from my <3 ly PAPA !!

kuangz` kuangz`

shall blog nex time .. btw am shooting back
penang soon ` .. yeaahoooo
my luvly hometownie `!!!



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