Friday, May 9, 2008

yet another N'th year update
maafkan la ohh~~

heehee welcome back !
finalie get to online at daph house rite nw
so .. taking advantage to do wat i cud lo ..
lai lai .. start of with a hIAO pict for u guys ~


TADA ~!!!!

heehee ~!!!!


Last dunno wat week ... forgot d ..
went to release some tension due
to a tension n pressure term
we had so me n my housemate decided
to treat ourself a fabulous meal at
we had spend around 150++ for 3,
quite normal la ...
hmm eventuallie we ordered a big plate of
n v cant finish .. lol so conclusion,
we tapao-ed back for supper ..

si wei n pei chin ( h.mate)

Ethan's Besday

da day of my groupmate besday
i can say dat he is so 'ppl see ppl love' type
he is quite famous with his JOKES around
and his joker attitude in Taylors.
is so damn Happening celebration for him
Dc29 Group1 n 2 had a small
celebration for him today after account exam
- we had funs -

dis call ZADAO lo .. thx to malcom n junyip ~

the US !


the Term1 n Term2 of ME !

above is me Term2

above also me , but in Term1
just compare lo .. T___T


[so call new club.lame die]

a pretty nite aswell, went to a so call new club
at pyramid nia .. as a celebration for hloong ..
hmmm .. x siok la ..
is like ALL in ONE !!!
wat type of ppl also got .. YA ALLAH ya tuhanku
went with yokechin,daph n hloong of coz
hmm met up with daph's fren
had a NOTBAD nite la ..
coz i drink quite loads of chivas`
raw will do pls ~ !!
hahaha.. dunno why la hor ..
mayb call tunjuktunjuk la .. but preferably
raw liquer to be in my mouth
... best part is ...
daph just way to drunk dat nite
she just boost her drunkie look dat nite
lol.. its okay daph ~ i will forgiv u ..
hiak hiak ~!!! enjoy da rest of da pictzx...

hmmmm... clubbin is jus tend to swing tension off !
so dont club when u r over enjoy ur life ..


lets see wat else to blog about ..
definately i'd a great time at here
yeah .. but not about studies of coz ..
coz its been a bzbz term ..
which no ones in CULINARY ARTS
like it .. as we tot havin this course
doesnt nid to touch anymore books
but wat da friuggin hack !
we even nid to studies those pathetic subjects



is like OMG
hallow jack ! 06.05.08 just past
n u eventuallie forgot ur own sister
this time reallie GG liao ...

Happie Belated Burfday
to my dearest meimei

[octipus' yunn meimei ]
mwaxx mwaxx
lemme noe wat u wan
i will grab for u as a pressie orh
sorry ya .. T___T



Mummy - Happie Mothers Day, youre my best mum on earth
Puppy - thx for de platinum necklace, i'll be back nex weekend
Kor - dunno wat to say, wat u wan get me as a pressie
Qhaz didi - i definately missh eu damn much `
DaJ - still remmeber us De'S.Ltd? i hope u do ..
2J - jiayoohhh ~
3G - holiday soon, siok si lu
Vern - i'll be back nex weekend ... looks like u enjoyin so much
at penang .. great news .. .
Sun - i'll hope get to see you when am back nex week
YunnMei2 - paiseh hor .. i reallie bz with exam till forgot
ni de bday ...
Readers - thx once again for readin moi' blog



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