Friday, April 25, 2008

It has been 'N' years since my last update
sorry once again for late update

dear reader, am hereby to appologise upon my late updates
i cant actuallie online nwdays due to my new hostel
doesnt have any port for me to online =.=

my term2 timetable pack like shit !
tel u guys wut .. dun think dat culinary arts is fun`
yesh .. its fun when u hear about cookings n stuff

why ? why do i say so ?
lemme tell u guys why orh ..
culinary arts include ;

1. Malaysian Studies (moral)
2. Business Maths
3. Accounts
4. World Geography
5. Food Science & Sanitation

wtfuck rite??


dun care bout those d .. just do my best >.<
btw .. jus to let my self proud awhile ..
hehee kinda boasting la hor ..
am kinda happie with my self coz i did kinda well
in my term 1 results ..
heehee i got overall 17.45 upon 20.00
is an average result for 3 major exam ..
dats means .. i passed with flyin colours ..

my first proof to my mum .. heehee
shes kinda proud of me ..

k la k la duwan boast d la ..

well, term2 reallie sux la .. i don reallie like it
is like no time for me to go gym lo ..

recently, papa just bought me a DELL
and thats means my 2nd lappie ..
hahh.. am i dat "hoh mia" ..
am not reallie sure bout dat. but i think i am
hahahah .. thx pappie ~
ya jus to let u guys noe .. i bought it during
Penang PC Fair .. yah ...
i mean it, last week,
i diao tee sit bus back to penang jus for da sake
of LAPPIE !! hahahhah

about my studies .. i mean practical
its kinda disapointed for da last restaurant practical
we i mean group two was havin restaurant service
which means we serve guest for lunch in restaurant
we was like kinda new to it, n its our very 1st time
serving our guest, as a waiter of coz ...

haihs... i so so friggin nervous n clumpsy
i did alot of mistakes ... nt reallie much la
ya ... i just ;

* drop a bread when usin a service gear
* serve main course with wrong side serving
* hand shivering when serving
* worst come worst, made my lecturer disapoint on me

haihsxx... mayb its our very 1st time lor ..
but we,G2 promised to do da best in our cuming
service, if not we gonna FAIL our 1st assessment
omeeegosh ! >.<
hmm, n hor ... i'll be the bartender for the coming
restaurant service .. OMG liao lo ...
nid to create MOCKTAILS for dat serving ..
a Green Tea based mocktail...
any idea?? pls do share if u guys have ...


it has been kinda miserable since 2J left ,
shes back to penang for 3 months training
at Sunway Hotel,Bandar Sunway !
i reallie miss her .. shes always there when am depress
i reallie nid her advice n comfy from her ..
shes still my best one for advice ..
i wan her to breast-feed me .. HAHHAHA

Thk Gawd, i still have 3G here ..
shes kinda bz with her submission of her
final model ~ u noe la ..
those future architectures ...
reallie gilak babi when talking bout projects wan
we always talk to each other when we havin probs..
so we nid each other indeed ..


kinda sorry for lin's aunt ....
her aunt jus left this miracle world ..
may god bless her rest in peace

i do MISS you



2J - best of luck for ur training
come back ASAP !!
3G - u r so dead look .. pls dun turn into a zombie
pls refresh urself ok .. =)
Sun - wehh .. miss u like crazeee man ~
will help u do ur blog when am back k ..
fellow frens at penang - i miss u guys damn friggin much
pls do take care ...
Qhaz didi - heehee .. wat else to say .. muaxxkx
dearly readers - thx for supporting n reading moi' blog
lurbs u guys ~~!!!
pictures will be post soon !!


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