Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Post Of Truth

from the first day i saw him - he is nt an odinary guy
mayb to say is a fate which GOD had set to be
from a stranger to a guy i care and admire the most
from a fren to a study partner
from a fren to a family member `
[de'S Ltd]
a post of him to upheld us in the family

a post as a BigJ

the one who we LOVE and CARE the most

its been a while we met ...
till now hv been 3months we noe each other,
conflicts ....
misunderstood ....
laughter ....
hapiness ....
tears ....

all had just gone thru in just lil moment

the moment is here `~~

29th of March !!!
wat else???
is our BigJ's 22nd BIGDAY!!


*may ur wishes come true*
*may u stay happy forever*
*most important is u stay healthy foreva*

hope our[3G2JxJ] lil pressies
wud be the best memory for you

4Flava SR jus for you,our beloved BigJ

TORTIEundie + TOPMANtee from 3GnXJ

i wish i hav those too ... lol

our love will never change
de'S Ltd Rawx !!!!

once again ...

Happie Burfday DAJIE!!


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