Friday, April 25, 2008

pictures talk `

below is when am back to penang ..

heehee ... chak ` with lin
below is my cah boh' .. she sent me her pict thru mms
miss her dearly ...


below is when am back penang `
hanging out with my old geeks

from L to R - Suwern,Aemus,Vern n me
gooshh .. all leng leng ~

heehee ~ bluexx

below is random pict after my 1st kitchen service
witn my fellow group mates

L to R - James Me Ethan Jerome n Eigen

below is when am back to penang again
at KTV with cousins

my brade n future ah sou`
ya allah lo .. my fellow gilark cousins ..
see! i told u i dont sing =X


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