Monday, March 3, 2008

- recently -
bz with IT assigments
reallie fkao` ... late nite fever `~~
in da sense dat face to face with laptop till
[yeah gwen is rite]

- now -
finale` is done .. but still have brochures to go
presskit is done - thx to er jie' basically is singcheer
shes brilliant in IT ... lap her for helping `


- randoms -
get our self [ me n jackie ] bz
searching for printing shop to get our
press kit printed . duHHHh
it worries us damn friggin loads
eh ` is 40% hor .. din passup = fail hor
fail = resit
resit = waste money
waste money + waste time = PERFECT TIME


okay found it .. at SS15 .. a banner printing shop
basically hop down from car n head for it ..
sent it to print .. n step nex door for our lunch
veli nice shop .. somesot old town feel ` ..
wan eat? come find me .. i bring u go ...

* fast forward *

after AN HOUR class [ FnB ]
walk pass student council..
guess wat ? saw a guy with a sling ADIDAS
wearing as usual a sneakers n a pair of jeans
wahahahah .. i noe who izit ...
is MAK DY'
those who dunno who is him ..
hmm .. he is HEIDY`
.. wow .. for after 2 yrs i didnt even look at him
i finally voice out n say

" WOI ... "

he turned.. with a blurr face kenot recognize me
mayb am wearin lenses

nth much to blog about ...

lets flip thru picties` above da post ` ...


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