Wednesday, February 27, 2008

okay .. u noe wat ??
i just accidentally deleted all my picts.
dat i wana post it rite nw .. FCUK
its okay .. words will do da talking rite nw ..

lets start of with this morning

* having butchery class *
today we learn hw to cut CRAPS !!
but chefs bala [pro in taylors] said dat
he doesnt noe hw to differenciete which is

such a craps !
below convos upon my groupmates

james - eh ... u see dat one back deh got tail ..
dats its KUKU la .. sure is male
.... whole group giggling ....
chef bala - yea rite .. its still VIRGIN

kewl isnt it ...

afterdat followed by pastry class
n of course we did our

frangipanie peach tarte AGAIN !!`

nth much .. jus got alot funnie picts
of us in our chefs shirt... n loads of FRIGEDY
posture by Jackie.Peichin.Yujing.Me.Ethan
but sadly .. i terdelete d.. fine !!! wait for my new hp`
and den chef frederick teaches us hw to do bread`
cerlakak` its gili okay da flavour ....

jackie - weh .. see urs do not round also...
me - wat ?? urs very nice meh ??
jackie - yuen de bu nen nar .. nar liao huey bao cha`
[it means round 1 cnt take, if take will burst]
me -... yuen de bu nen nar, na liao jiu huey BOMB `

okay .. we both was at deh laff like hyenas` okeh` .
n i laff till my stomach cramps ... IMAGINE DAT
we are in PASTRY CLASS .. KITCHEN !!!
after class !!! here comes da main idea
of my post today ...

we were on our back to my apartment ...
jus stuck with da convos down here ..
am bet u gonna laff to DEATH !

peiching - eh` jackie .. why not u join any singing or wateva
since u sing so well ...
jackie - too bad .. i onie noe hw to play drum
jack [ me ] - its okay lar ... since u noe hw to play drum,
i noe hw to blow trumpet .. peiching .. wat u noe hw to BLOW?
[this is da interesting part ... 'blow' as in mandrin]

jackie - she r .. she noe hw to blow KUKU JIAO !!! ...
WTF !! evelione LMAO infront of taylors restaurant ...
peiching was tiok STUNNED by wat jackie said ...
and den u noe wat she did ....??
she use her index finger to ask jackie to come over ..
intense dat as is she reallie wan BLOW his KKJ` ...

cerlakak` day... i <3 my groupmates

to be continue .. its late .. i wan sleep d nw is 1am
later on havin FnB class at 8am .. zzz nites


Blogger butterfLieSspassionzZ said...

hhahx.. ur post.. KUKU JIAO.. i lauff.. to lar.. hahahx lolx.. yeng mia kawan... well suit u jac@@ hehehe

February 28, 2008 at 5:03 AM  
Blogger kit-z said...

lol... whahahaha

February 28, 2008 at 8:13 PM  

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