Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY 2008
gone case ade ` see you nex year 2009

when am back home,
alot of changes lor .. sho many new furnitures =X
mayb my pa too sien till go buy those.. heehee

sweet living room

err. me snappy while passing by my room

me n papa [ he tiaotee close eye wan]

me n papa's fren, my auntie [ahsee]
from thai .. say cheese to her =)

left - so call ahbeng / right - da frens !

left - day before 1st day of cny [sun shines] /
right - in pa's car going to gma house for reunion dinner

2008 cny was soso only
no big deal .. glad my angpows manage to maintain
up to 1k .. hopefully dun drop nex year =)
nt reallie fun this year coz mayb cant celeb due to my
late gpa who left us end of last year ..
* amitabah *

from da 1st to da third day was like
eat till puke ! ya allah betul ..
loads of laughter made by my
second uncle [ paps bro ]
he is just like
he talk nonstop n worst is he talk craps

cilakak betul ` but nvm la

yesterday, 9th - morning
went tanjong bungah, one of da chinese temple
for some prayers for my late gpa

noon - sunway carnival
pap made suspenses say wanna buy me hp
i say wan k850i, he replied came again tonite
suak . suak . suak
went sakae sushi for brunch
went padini in parkson
manage to grab 2 padini work shirts
saw raj ` .. he workin at DURBAN
with his cute lil green tie and short sleeve shirt

nite - went home
koay tiao basah wif lin ru ween chen
lin wan hug but cant lol
coz his prince is deh .. she wanted to cry so much
yaallah .. as if am not going to come back
mwaxx my dear fren lin lin `

today 10th
morning - woke up n get ready my stuff
went dim sum wif papa n his fren
stomach notty ' went gma house for
[thk god]
hahhaha uall noe wats dat la hor..

went meet up cheer jie n daphy at clp
climp up on bus .. around 10.30
reached back mentari exactly 5.30
had dinner wif daphy at suria `
n dats it .. buhbye .. tml class starts

* god pls bless my gma stay healthier
* bless my whole family in good n happie condition
* Namo Amitofo


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