Saturday, January 12, 2008

Am still not Get To It !
well for da past few days, am like a friggin
so call 'pai kar zhai '(in canto)
it means ppl who spend n spend nonstop
as if money is like photocopied by thier parents !
i did bought alot of stuff which i nid to use n wear
and mostly are attire nia
things dat i bought last nite
* one gray RENOMA formal shirt
* two SEED work shirt
* one box RENOMA smooth undie
* two dunno wat brand shirt
* one POLO leather belt
* one PLAsTIX leatherpvc shoe
TOTAL = RM450++
i did flip up my wallet, gosh rm50 nia and i saw a renoma
bag is fcuking nice n cheap rm600+ n after 70% is only rm227
and am telling my self to CONTROL my greed
yet dat friggin daph kept distracting me with da bag !
conclusion i didnt buy it .
the day before yesterday i spend rm200++
100 for a VALCOM lappie bag
60 for four tie from MY TIE shop
40 for food i guess !
well if n only if my parents read this
am definately kana head shot from my mum ..
yarhh! if u reading my blog rite now.. u will tot am enjoyin
my self here at pj .. but sorry to disappoint u guys.
u guys will hardly understand hw i actually felt here
yea .. i did sheded couple of tears last nite
in my bed! solemn feeling... i promised my self not to
do it again ..
later gonna get my hair dye back to black
why? i tell u why .. coz am in culinary arts
it means am gonna stuck in kitchen 24.7
hmm.. under la tuu !
mum just ring me `
mum - boi, later tonite after meeting lidat we go meet u k
me - orh, but around wat time
mum - u got nth rite later ?
me - err.. am going to dye my hair
me - err? back to black ??
mum - dats y ! noe wan study summor go dye ... around 6 to 7 tonite
- end -
specia thx to my seniors who stayed up wif me
all da time at here <3 dem all


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