Tuesday, December 25, 2007

random picts again !!

invogue 06 !


su-vernn-me [penang bridge run]


me n natalie[prefects dinner07]

me - xiang - seng

me-farah-vern-sun [relayforlife]

frens !! relayforlife

ben-xian-me-mus-hloong !!

tine n nat [my whitechicks senior]

leo instaltion

chikchak session !! [leo]

my home ! my band ! <3>my section ! my juniors !

my board! my exco!
vern-heidy-vimal-irwin-aaron- me

the young us !

yihwen house! overnite for band camp

4 of us tpeter ! sam-sun-ywen-me

practice! wif puiman-daniel-sun

middle finger session! ron-seng-me

when i was form3!miss my seniors

iceicebaby! ron-kor-di-me

bandies wif uncle gary ! owner of AC!

alumni! bandies wif mr.yeap

bandies gone wild on dining table !

us at mus condo pool-ing

us beaching !

my luvly band n my luvly teacher n seniors!

band aniversary trip !

us in gurney` !! last day of spm ! gudbye my frens T_T


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