Wednesday, November 14, 2007


[ do leave now if u dun wish to get pissed ]

what the hell is rong wif gurls nwdays.. sometime i jus dun get what gurl wants.. wtf ! dey can be so nice to u at once .. den continue FCUKIN you at back ` end up? .. dey can just simply fire u with wats dey r up with .. think bout wat u gurls have up to .. dun jus accuse ppl by nt thinkin any fcuking rights ... all the while im questionin my self ... " do i reallie hav a perfect fren in this life "? ... its all nonsence ` those frens is hardly to go with .. once dey nidcha dey will stuckin beside u with a fake big smile .. ha ha` laff my god damn ass ! hell ya .. stop messing wif my names in those heavenly blogs .` sometimes it jus makin me so fcuking irritate to see them. do wat eva u guys wan, im so gonna fcuking leave this fcuking place.. with all those fools around! making me fcukin pathetic.. i dun wanna make some of those gurls around to missunderstood`
the best is polish up ur Mathematical Reasoning skills "

premise 1 : some humans are pathetic
premise 2 : ________________
conclusion : humans are pathetic and irritating
hoo hoo ` spm going down !!
hoo hoo ` i noe im gonna have laptopie soon
hoo hoo ` my hostels booked`
hoo hoo ` hope to own a new handie phone
hoo hoo ` im leavin those fools
hoo hoo ` im a college students soon
hoo hoo ` phathetic humans are falling off from me

i miss my jr.s .. i mean it .. i miss da band
i miss my seniors .. im jus gonna miss my


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