Saturday, November 3, 2007

woke up at tenthirty suppose to be an hr before.. but well .. if got time i hope to sleep for 24hrs as if no bodies business.. it wont happen ! silly me
well as appointed, sim n me decided to go study.. at duno wher, still nt comfirmed by dat time. showered, hairdried my hair, den off to fetch her. went wah hong for my fav. one tann noodz wif extra chicken _ _ _ (dunno call wat) .. but too bad .. da chicken (dunnowat) sudah habis.. nvm i still stubborn for dat noodz and ordered 2BIJI noodz. sluurrppx!!
humans' mus be curios why im mixing back wif sim`.. answer is simple, ive got no body else to go with by dis time .. all got own schedule, da type dat kedekut ilmu ppl... at least she can help me a lil sum in my maths and so .. thx to her for dat.. yet i wan to grab my last frenship memory for nw coz i noe after spm theres no time to be with those frens anymore. im going off soon to college. yeah.. humans is lidat, when dey eventuallie needcha .. dey will get as close as dey can to u, but when dey get dier grab... haha.. HELL CARE U ` .. remmeber this .. the closest frens is da greatest CHESTSTABBER ` nt back bt front'.. frens!, dun get shock when u read this.. its a fact, is jus dat u guys dun realise it ... nah` i dun like pinpoint humans , yes i did in da past but nt now .. continue with those
EGO-ness ... dun wanna bother so much .. coz i noe im sure gonna have more new frens soon ! wanna wish all those who get da name of FRENS of mine .. spm guddie luckkie ` take care dudes!

[back to business]

well after my noodz.. sim say today no mood wan study .. end up she say wan go patipuk to reload stationaries for spm use.. i told her.. i bet im gonna spam money if i go patipuk..coz i wanted to buy couple of tee to top up my tee too .. those old tee is kinda old ... so i wanna get some new tee b4 i go kayL .. well u noe la .. kayL ni .. susah nak cari barangan A'
wahhaha... den she replied," i wont let u buy shirt ..." [grinning] ... hmm went popular afterdat i head to flip couple of tee at those A' stuff shops..
when i step in dose shop.. i started wif a smile, continued with a laugh..
" siao hor, see shirt also laugh ..." (whispered) " the things here too fake d.." .. she den replied, " not all ppl like u so rich ma ... " hmPF``...
decided to go back since she said her stomach growlling ... by den , i remembered bout my customade tee from a hidden shop up deh.. so decided to go grab it today .. yeapx.. i Luv dis TEE`... muahahhehehhe
yeaAAAHhhhhooooo``~~~ stop here !

some old pictures

last trip to hongkong DNland


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